Gassman Development Perspectives

Jacob Moran

Town Planner

Jacob joined Gassman Development Perspectives in March of 2021, as a student Town Planner and Environmental Scientist undertaking a student placement, with this role eventuating in a part-time employment opportunity. As of 2023, he has now transitioned into a full-time role as an Environmental Scientist and Town Planner with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning from Griffith University achieved in October of 2023.

Jacob brings unique insight into the GDP team, due to his inter-disciplinary qualifications, especially considering the significant overlap between planning and the environment becoming even stronger in today’s society. He is an eager young professional, intent on developing his skills, and expanding his breadth of knowledge regarding planning principles, client relations, and key environmental issues.

Jacob is excited to begin his planning career at GDP and is hoping to continue his in depth development and continue to contribute to the wider community and provide the best possible planning and environmental outcomes for all.

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