Gassman Development Perspectives

Surveying and Spatial Services

The success of any project depends upon the accuracy and integrity of the data supporting it.

Spatial Services

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Our spatial analysis team has a unique understanding and perspective on managing spatial data to inform and reinforce the forward strategies of our clients.

We have established an extensive and constantly evolving spatial database that can provide the foundation to inform any strategic planning process. 

We can design and demonstrate specific solutions targeting core strategic planning outcomes by complementing existing and purpose-built data sets and processes. It is important that we provide robust and technically appropriate solutions for all projects undertaken. Our goal is to help visualise the spatial content of each of our projects in a manner that provides insight and adds value for our clients.

That’s our assurance.


A key growth area of this part of the business has been to move past the production of traditional two-dimensional maps in favour of interactive, user-friendly products utilising a variety of software.

Such products allow our clients to interrogate each layer of analysis in an iterative manner and, therefore, better understand their project.

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Surveying Services

The success of any project depends upon the accuracy and integrity of the data supporting it.

Our experienced survey team provides high-end land information services using proven methodologies and the latest survey technology.

Efficient processes that minimise time, maximise cost savings and produce quality data.

That’s our promise.


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