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Queen Street Southport

Queen Street Southport

Gassman Development Perspectives is currently providing town planning, landscape architecture, civil engineering, and surveying services for the redevelopment of the former Southport Hospital site for a large mixed-use development, known as ‘Queen Street Southport’.

Queen Street Southport

The former Southport Hospital site is located within the Southport Priority Development Area, which requires development to be assessed and approved under the QLD Economic Development Act 2012, as opposed to the QLD Sustainable Planning Act 2009. This has required a very unique and specific approval strategy to be developed and implemented for the proposal, particularly to accommodate the requirements of numerous different stakeholders involved.

The proposed development includes a range of complimentary urban land uses, comprising apartments; short-term accommodation; retirement facilities; student accommodation; cinemas; and various shops and food outlets. Queen Street Southport will be a vibrant, high quality urban development, and a true transit oriented development with strong connections to the Nerang Street Light Rail Station.

Residential uses at Queen Street Southport will be complimented by primary shopping and health facilities to promote convenient inner city living. The range of retail, food, and recreational uses will also provide a cultural and social hub for the wider community, becoming a key landmark and activity centre within the Southport locality and broader Gold Coast region. Queen Street Southport will play a significant role in revitalising the Southport locality and encouraging redevelopment of the aging urban fabric surrounding the site.

The high quality landscape architectural design will contribute to achieving an active and vibrant public realm and excellent streetscape. Green spaces form an integral role within the development, and private residential terraces, communal thoroughfare connections and rooftop garden spaces provide visual continuity.

The proposed development also involves the design and construction of a new signalised intersection on Queen Street providing the main access to Queen Street Southport. This required working effectively with the State Department of Transport and Main Roads to develop a functional and efficient design that integrates with surrounding infrastructure.

The renewal outcome from the Queen Street Southport development will foster the long term growth of a vibrant, cohesive and safe neighbourhood in proximity to Southport’s growing city centre.

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