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GIS + Spatial Analysis

Visualisation + Spatial Services

Our spatial analysis team has a unique understanding and perspective on managing spatial data to inform and reinforce the forward strategies of our clients.

We have established an extensive and constantly evolving spatial database which can provide the foundation for to inform any strategic planning process. By complementing existing and purpose built data sets and processes, we can design and demonstrate specific solutions targeting core strategic planning outcomes. It is important to us that we provide solutions that are robust and technically appropriate for all projects undertaken. Our goal is to help visualise the spatial content of each of our projects in a manner that provides insight and adds value for our clients.

That’s our assurance.

Our core capabilities include:

  • Applying technical skills in integrating datasets from many sources into effective mapping solutions to assist the planning and environmental processes;
  • Visualising state and local constraints identified through legislative controls;
  • Flood and bushfire mapping;
  • Mapping Coastal Systems, encompassing wetlands; tidal surfaces such as MHWS and HAT; extent of tidal influence and marine ecosystems; visualising predicted rises in sea level; tide and hydrological modelling;
  • Topographic mapping in contouring and elevation models at very high resolutions over large areas; analysis of slope and aspect; and,
  • The application of LiDAR to deliver spatial solutions to planners, surveyors and environmental professionals.

A key growth area of this part of the business has been to move past the production of traditional two dimensional maps in favour of interactive user friendly products utilising a variety of software. Such products allow our clients to interrogate each layer of analysis in an iterative manner and therefore provides a greater understanding of their project.