Yatala Pies

The public open space within the ‘Exit 38 Precinct’ development design includes a wide range of activities that provide opportunities for enhanced outdoor recluse and visual relief for the employees and visitors. The design will connect to the embedded history of the site bringing it to the foreground creating not only a unique interpretation of the urban landscape but underpinning the distinct character and history of the Exit 38 Enterprise.  Wherever practicable, embellishments incorporate sustainable design elements such as drought tolerant landscaping, water reuse, renewable energy sources and recycled materials to reinforce the environmental values and functions of the site. The landscape design facilitates the comfortable and convenient movement of users to, across and through the site. The open space network is designed to create a number of different opportunities and experiences that are integrated to provide an attractive, functional and live-able environment. The landscape design has sought to strengthen existing landmark features within and external to the site by illuminating core historical elements unique to the site and the Yatala Region.