For the past 23 years, Phil  has been involved in the survey and set-out of numerous new attractions and  associated infrastructure at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

To name a few:
“Buzz Saw”,
“The Claw”,
“The Giant Drop”,
“The Tower of Terror”,
“Big Brother”,
“Vintage Cars”

The surveying accuracy required on these types of projects has to be of a high standard since the various ride components are sourced from countries around the world as well as locally. They need to be erected  on site within time and budget to minimum tolerances.

In more recent times Gassman Development Perspectives have been involved in the redevelopment of the Tiger Island precinct, the setting out of  “Tail Spin”,”Pandamonium”, and the original survey for “Lego Store”. Also “Triple Vortex” at White Water World, and associated works throughout the Park.

We are currently involved the detail surveys of further areas yet to be developed in the near future.