Beenleigh Showgrounds

Gassman Development Perspectives were commissioned by the Beenleigh Show Society to establish an appropriate planning framework for the ‘Showgrounds’ in order to preserve and protects its role in Beenleigh’s future whilst also identifying potential locations where ancillary growth can be achieved on site. In this regard GDP lodged a S242 Preliminary Approval Development Application over the site that established appropriate planning provisions to guide future development on site.

Established in the 19th century the Beenleigh Show Society has evolved with the town of Beenleigh and in this regard the identity Beenleigh is intrinsically linked with the Showgrounds. The events and tenants accommodated on the site demonstrate the produce of the local area and could be classified as the quintessential exhibition of local culture and identity.

The impetus for this project has been the land resumption executed by Logan City Council (LCC) to develop a New Inner Ring Road that will bisect the Site into two distinct parcels, effectively fragmenting and dividing the majority of existing services and facilities established on the site. In this regard, proactive management had to be established in order to ensure that the Show Society could reorganise and rearrange their existing services and facilities so that they could continue to maintain such a valuable community asset.

The forward strategy proposed by this application is essentially for a two track framework to be established, initially an ‘Immediate Vision’ will be established that will allow for the reorganisation and consolidation of the existing facilities on site to accommodate the New Inner Ring Road and encourage development, where appropriate, locations that are non-essential to the functioning of the Show Society. The ‘Long Term Vision’ provides a strategic vision that acknowledges the potential role that certain areas of the site may be able to fulfil in the future. These ultimate areas were identified taking into account both their historical interaction with the Showgrounds and their spatial relationship & contextual setting on the site.

This complex and rewarding project has required input from the Planning, GIS, Urban Design, Surveying, Environmental and Landscape Architecture groups within the GDP team, and as leading consultant GDP has successfully engaged and managed specialist input from stormwater, traffic, acoustic and engineer consultants to ensure that every relevant aspect of future development is carefully considered.

Status: Ongoing