Allied Mills

GDP was involved in the expansion of a Flour Mill Operation current run by Allied Mills, who manufacture and distribute a wide range of food ingredients Australia Wide. An expansion to the existing facility was required due to the increase in demand for the product and damaged caused to other facilities in the 2010/2011 floods.

GDP was involved in a Town Planning, Spatial and Landscape Design capacity for the expansion of the facility, which involved the establishment of a new flour milling building, Packaging Building, extension to an existing warehouse for the storage of finished products produced as part of the use, and various alterations to the internal layout of the existing facility to cater for the expansion.

From a Spatial perspective, our role was to conduct site surveys which informed the overall design of the facility. The site was within proximity to sensitive uses, so the treatment of the facility was imperative. GDP assisted in provided a landscape design which ensured that the proposal was within the character of the local area. As Town Planning Consultants, we assisted in gaining all relevant Development Approvals, which included project managing the proposal through the IDAS process.

We have an ongoing role with the project in terms of Town Planning/Project Management perspective, relating to the approval modifications and development compliance.

Status: Approved and under construction.