Shonaugh Blanchard

Shonaugh joined Gassman Development Perspectives early 2019. Shonaugh brings to GDP many years’ experience in Civil Engineering, Survey and Town Planning Design. Shonaugh has the unenviable challenge of working within all the departments within GDP to produce a diverse range of plans, from civil engineering, to survey and town planning plans.

Shonaugh completed a vast array of courses to hone her knowledge and skill base over the years. She has fast experience, knowledge and practical implementation of Computer Aided Drafting & Design, Manual Drafting and Freehand Illustrations. Her organisational skills complement her cartographic experience, allowing her to provide high quality drawings and quality service.

She has successfully led teams to deliver sustainable business outcomes. Her nature is being proactive and go beyond her job description to help out in every discipline where possible.

Her career aspirations are to fulfill ongoing challenges and fully use, develop and expand her talents.